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Dr. Evan R. Neilson Practice of Chiropractic

Dr. Evan R. Neilson is a progressive “young” Chiropractor with 24 years of experience and is committed to helping you reach your health goals. He wants you to know that Chiropractic is not only a science and philosophy, but it’s also an art and different Chiropractors practice in different ways.

About Dr. Neilson

Dr. Neilson is probably the healthiest person you’ll ever meet and that’s no accident. He understands that it’s what you do on a daily basis that will determine your current as well as future health & longevity.
He sets the example for his patients and shows them just how healthy, happy and energetic a person can be, no matter what your age. While he does eat a healthy diet and works out very regularly to stay in shape, his “not so secret” passion is the flying trapeze, which he has been enjoying for approximately 10 years. One of his goals is to spend his 100th birthday on the trapeze with CNN being there to film it.

Dr. Neilson understands that a long and healthy life is more determined by your lifestyle and “healthy habits”, than your genetics. His Mom was a great example of that philosophy. Mom passed in December of 2010, but until then she enjoyed a very long, healthy and independent life. She lived by herself in her own home in Homosassa, Florida, with her Golden Retriever. Mom worked out 3 days a week, swam in her pool daily, took only vitamins (no medications) and she practiced “upside down therapy” (Inversion Table) to counteract the effects of gravity on her spine. Of course, Chiropractic Care was part of her healthy regimen.